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Beinvgnû su Wikipedia![mudéfica la surzéia]

Beinvgnû su Wikipedia, l'enziclopedìa lébbra ech tótt i pólen cambièr!

--Dragonòt (discussioni) 15:38, 11 Mâg 2017 (UTC)

Sorry Dragonòt, I am a German and I understand English. Will you be so kind to translate it in one of the two languages?
Thanks in advance -- Drahdiwaberling (discussioni) 17:49, 11 Mâg 2017 (UTC)
Hallo, Drahdiwaberling, simply this is a welcome message for you here in our eml.wikipedia. Good-bye :-) --Glo (discussioni) 19:20, 11 Mâg 2017 (UTC)
O.k., but I don't know, with what article you found me...I think it's a Redirect from another WP-program, directed in above WP...with best regards -- Drahdiwaberling (discussioni) 10:42, 12 Mâg 2017 (UTC)
Yes, I think so, but don't worry, it's all ok Smilie2.gif --Glo (discussioni) 17:20, 12 Mâg 2017 (UTC)