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Based on the Wikimedia Foundation's Licensing policy, this page defines's Exemption Doctrine Policy (EDP), that is the requirements to be satisfied by non-free multimedia content for it to be admissible on it.

Requirements[mudéfica la surzéia]

Multimedia files (pictures, sounds, video materials) whose license does not fulfill the Definition of Free Cultural Works may be used on only as long as they satisfy all the following requirements:

  1. It is not reasonably possible to obtain equally illustrative material under a free license fulfilling the definition of free cultural works;
  2. The non-free license under which the file is available is listed in Wikipedia:Copyright figùri.
  3. The material is used exclusively in the main namespace, and in particular in articles directly related to the content of the material (for example a CD cover only in the article for the album or the artist, the recording of a speech only in the article about the author of the speech itself). Each article may only contain a limited number of such non-free files (for example, you cannot create a gallery of non-free images).
  4. The description page for the file contains all the following pieces of information:
    • a correct source of the file;
    • a correct denomination of the copyright holder (possibly transcluded from a );
    • the {{EDP}} template, which explains how the file can only be used according to's EDP;
    • a clear explanation of the reason why the material reasonably cannot be replaced, for example "The person portrayed in this picture is deceased".